your first visit  Rogue River, OR

Beginning Chiropractic Care

We typically ask that you allot 30 to 45 minutes for initial visits.

Your first visit will begin with filling out customary paperwork. We need your written consent to treatment, a brief health history, and a description of your complaints in your own words. When that is complete, Becky will lead you to the exam room.

Dr. Jarvie will greet you and conduct brief consultation regarding your complaints.

Developing Your Chiropractic Care Plan

Examination consists of orthopedic and neurological tests as well as range of motion studies. X-rays may be taken if needed with your consent. If there are no contraindications to treatment and time allows, treatment may be performed on the first visit.

Before you know it, it’ll be time to schedule your second visit! Call Rogue River Chiropractic now to schedule an appointment and let’s see how chiropractic care can help you!