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I wasn’t interested in my Father’s profession as a chiropractor

I am the son of a chiropractor, who wanted nothing to do with my father’s profession.

My father became a chiropractor in 1960, he practiced in Sacramento California, where I grew up. I realized our family looked at healthcare a little differently in Jr. High when I broke my collar bone. My father took the x-ray and set the bone himself. I had never been to the “doctor”, having all my needs met by him. As a teenager, I did not want to be different, and so chiropractic was my fathers thing, not mine. I was married and pursuing the path of the biologic sciences at BYU when my first daughter was born. She was diagnosed with a congenital torticollis, or “wry neck”. The pediatrician suggested we could do surgery to cut the long muscles of her neck and make them even, or that I might want to see a chiropractor.

After 3 months of care Ashley’s neck was straight and has never had a problem since. This was the turning point for me. As I was learning about the science of the body, chemistry and biology in school, I was realizing that medical science does not have all the answers. That drugs and surgery are not always the best answer, and that perhaps my father knew something after all. I immediately looked into the chiropractic College requirements, and called my dad to ask him where to go to school.

My father went to Palmer College of chiropractic in Davenport Iowa, he was involved with the Parker Seminars throughout his career and felt Parker was staying true to the philosophy of chiropractic as well as teaching its students how to be successful in practice. For these reasons he recommended Parker College in Dallas, Texas. I liked Parker because it provided education in 9 adjusting techniques and was nearer to my wife’s hometown. I graduated in Aug of 1998 with a Bachelors of Science in Anatomy and my Doctor of chiropractic Degree.

The chiropractic Telos, (what separates us from other professions): The body is self-healing and self-regulating and our nervous system is the major interface between our body and our environment. We adapt to our environment, through our nervous system. Any stress, physical, chemical, or emotional/mental, that impedes our ability to adapt to our environment is the cause of disease. We are not innately “sick”, we become “sick” due to our environment. Explaining the cause of a pain or other disorder is the most deeply fulfilling part of my practice.

My Passion For chiropractic Continues

I am a professor of Anatomy and Physiology at Rogue Community College, I have been teaching for 10 years. I like the balance of sharing my clinical insight with nursing students and reinforcing my academic knowledge by teaching. I enjoy Mt. biking and hiking in the area. I have participated in a few duathalons and one triathlon. Jenny and I have three children at home and one in college.

I am a firm believer that disease processes begin when we provide to little of what the body needs or to much of what it doesn’t. I get adjusted by my father as needed, I take omega-3s daily and other supplements. I stay fit with regular exercise. I try to lead a balanced life, both physically and spiritually. I firmly believe that no success in the world can compensate for failure in the home. I seek to make the world a better place by improving me.

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